cajun: vocals/div.instr. - vocals/div.instr. - vocals/div.instr. - drums/washboard

Fifteen years of honing their craft, playing hundreds of gigs and releasing six well-received albums have made Cochon Bleu into what they are today: one of Hollands most sparkling bands. Accordion, guitars, mandolin - in fact, anything with strings on it, plus vigorous singing are their weapons of choice, backed by a steadily pulsating rhythm section.



Pure cajun music was their point of origin, but they have absorbed many influences along the way and gradually developed a style of their own. Two things remain, though: French lyrics and ceaseless energy.

Anyone who witnesses one of their energetic performances, will know that having fun and a great sense of humour are important to these guys. This has already caused a sensation
at many a festival like Folkwoods, EuroSonic, Noorderzon, De Parade or Oerol, and as​ well on reputed stages like Paradiso. But Cochon Bleu feel just as much at home in their  small favourite hangout​ Café Marleen as on big mega size stages.

The group's CDs take you from the starting point of pure cajun covers "Changez les Guitares" to recent albums filled with ​well executed​ originals like  "It's All Coming Good" and "Not Blue".

Listen to 'NOT BLUE'



For their 20th anniversary they have covered some of their favourite bands and friends.

Listen to their latest CD 'COVER STARS'



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